Rome, Italy 2013

Rome in 3 days

Day 1
Arrived in Rome. Colosseum Privileged Tour with underground and third level. Arch of Titus. Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. The Capitoline Hill. Piazza del Campidoglio. Trevi Fountain. Dinner overlooking the Pantheon.


Day 2
St. Peter’s Basilica. Ancient Rome Walking Tour in the afternoon. Route – Spanish Square and Spanish Steps, Immaculate Conception Column, The house of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Saint Andrew Church, Bernini’s Angels, The famous “Galleria”, Column of Marcus Aurelius, Prime Minister House, Temple of Hadrian, Pantheon, The Tomb of the Kings, Tomb of Raphael, Saint Ignatius Church, Andrea Pozzo’s Tromp l’oeil, Trevi Fountain. Dinner overlooking Saint Ignatius Church. Piazza della Repubblica.


Day 3
Vatican Museum – Spent the rest of the morning amid its artistic wonders: the Pinacoteca painting gallery with Raphael’s Transfiguration and Caravaggio’s Deposition; the Raphael Rooms; the famous antiquities of the Pio Clementino Museum; and Michelangelo’s incomparable Sistine Chapel ceiling. Climbed 320 steps to the top of St. Peter’s dome.



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