Kyoto & Osaka, Japan 2010 Part 4

Day 7: En route to Kyoto

After checking in at our hotel, we went straight from Osaka to Kyoto. Once you are in Kyoto, the new Kyoto Station building will surely impress you. It’s soooo wonderful. It is one of the largest railway stations in the world and considered to be the most magnificent. The giant glass structure of the Kyoto Station adds grandeur to the city’s landscape. I love it!

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At last, a glimpse of old Japan. And I must say, the JR train from Osaka to Kyoto is very scenic.

Day 7: Gion – The Geisha District

Unfortunately we were too cheap to pay for a nice cultural evening with geiko and maiko in an authentic tea house, so all we got was girls dressing up in kimonos.

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Day 7: Maruyama Koen, Kyoto

Kyoto’s most favorite spot for ‘hanami’ cherry-blossom viewing parties. Maruyama Park is also famous for its Shidare-Sakura ‘weeping’ or ‘drooping’ cherry-blossom trees.

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Day 7: Yasaka Shrine (Yasakajinja)

Also known as the Gion Shrine, is a Shinto shrine in the Gion District of Kyoto famous for its Gion Matsuri, one of Japan’s largest festivals.

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Can I just say riding the Shinkansen on our way back to Osaka was pure awesomeness! I would definitely recommend it. Nevermind the price it’s fvcking worth it!

Day 7: Kyoto Randomness

Random shots from Kyoto. More cherry blossoms and some shrine/temples/castles.

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Day 7 & 8: Sukiyanen Osaka! ♥

*sings Kanjani8’s Sukiyanen Osaka* Ryo daisuki kyaaa~!!! ♥ /hehe flailing

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Hotel pics. Some sights of the city and then some. Went up an elevated pedestrian walkway that vibrated precariously when the JR trains blitzed by. Visited Tower Records for last-minute CD shopping. I was quite sad leaving but then again I’m happy ’cause my loved ones are here. Hope to be back soon. *crosses fingers and toes* 🙂

I wrote this back in 2010. Crossposting here for documentation purposes 🙂 」


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