Tokyo, Japan 2010 Part 3

Day 4: Keio University (Mita Campus)

Yet another lost in translation experience in Tokyo. The wind was bitterly cold, and we were trying to find Keio University. We were wandering for hours, the funniest thing is, we should have turned left at that road… Instead we went around and got promptly lost until we found the Parisian spire of Tokyo Tower. Told my cousin we’re on the right track since I saw this in one of the episodes in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi 🙂

We met a kindly old man with a small furry copper dog (a cross between a Pom and a Spitz, accdg to my cousin). After that, the old man offered to take our pictures. (Can I just say? people in Japan are super helpful and nice. They’ll go out of their way to help you despite the language barrier.)

Keio University was a photographer’s dream. The European-inspired architecture was beautiful, and best of all, there were no people. Yes, I opted to go here on a Sunday of course para maraming photo op. Teehee!

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Note: This is just the Mita Campus. Other campuses includes Hiyoshi, Yagami, Shinanomachi, Shonan Fujisawa, Shiba-Kyoritsu, Shin-Kawasaki Town, Tsuruoka Town Campus of Keio. Magkakahiwalay kasi yung mga campuses, I chose Mita for obvious reason.

Day 4: Harajuku

Twas cold. It might have been one of the reasons why there was a paucity of the world-famous Harajuku denizens in gothic lolita, punk, maid uniforms, cosplay getups, whatever floats your boat. We were lucky to coerce two girls into posing for a pic. The others who were more outlandishly garbed refused to be photographed. Sad.

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I must say that this is where we went back to do most of our shopping though, thanks in part to the Forever21 store.

And then there’s NEWS’ promo poster for Sakura Girl Single in Harajuku station. Life-sized Arashi poster in KDDI Designing Studio and Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac billboard. — makes me a one happy fangirl! ♥

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There’s this mishmash of color arts cafe that we had fun taking photos of. It’s a traveler’s dream, to discover such surprising gems hidden in some unassuming corner. So try not to dwell too much on the glitzy Omotesando side, there are interesting side streets that you ought to explore.

Day 4: Shibuya

Last stop for the day was electric bright Shibuya, with its frenetic crossroads where a hundred or more people pass by once the lights bade them to. Then a bit of shopping, again.

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Day 5: Ueno Park (Again)

Went back here for the perfect cherry blossom picture trusting that there would be lesser people around. It was a bit overcast though, so everything looked washed out.

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Day 5: Akihabara

We don’t get around much when it’s cold. Plus it seems we arrived an hour too early; shops around here opened at 11 AM. We were too conscious of our finances to consider snooping around…

But we did convince a single comely maid to pose for us 🙂

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Day 5: Shinjuku Gyoen
We heard the Shinjuku Gyoen Gardens were a good, PEACEFUL place for cherry blossom viewing, as the 200 YEN entrance fee keeps most unruly crowds away. Plus it was still a blustery, drizzly day. But there it was, cherry blossoms till you drop. And the wide, open spaces… Revitalizing. Still cold, though.

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We were so exhausted we got lost on the way back to Shinjuku Station (which was a pretty easy walk). LOL. Another “Aiba” moment! 😛

Day 5: On the Yurikamome to Odaiba

Pardon the reflections from the glass. Was taking photos on the awesome train ride from that station before Shiodome to Odaiba. This elevated line is called the Yurikamome. A pretty 300 YEN penny a ride costs, but the views at sunset are worth it.

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After braving the icy winds from the open sea, we decided to have a bite of supper under the giant colorful Ferris wheel. Seeing that it was relatively cheap (okay, 900 YEN for a gondola), we made a go for it, thinking of the priceless night shots of the city.

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Day 6: Back to Harajuku

Day 6. A free day for last-minute shopping, sightseeing, and generally letting our tired feet relax. Back in Harajuku – this is actually our 3rd time ’cause I was avoiding the long lines in Johnny’s shop but ended lining up anyway no choice eh! 😛

Oh, and there’s a bus going around the area promoting NEWS’ Sakura Girl Single. Amazing! ♥

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Day 6 – Shinjuku

Returned to Shinjuku to check out the two Kinokuniya (super giant bookstore) branches: one behind Takashimaya Times Square, and the other one near Isetan.

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 「 I wrote this back in 2010. Crossposting here for documentation purposes 🙂 」

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