Tokyo, Japan 2010 Part 2

Day 3: Tokyo Dome

Started the day with a trip to Tokyo Dome. Debated on whether to ride the roller coasters. Saw the Lupin Shop and the cherry tree near the sidewalk.

Seems that there was a baseball game in the afternoon, since that early, people were camping out at the ticket booth. I deduced it was a baseball game since the line included mainly males and families who would be interested in the game, not your typical Tokyo teenagers lining up for a grand concert.




Day 3: Imperial Palace Gardens
We elected not to reserve a spot on the Imperial Palace tour, particularly as our experience last December in Seoul has given us our fill of Far Eastern temples and castles. In short, umay na kami sa castles, temples and palaces. What struck me about this place was the wide open spaces right smack in the center of Tokyo. And also that the gardens were a designated evacuation center in case of earthquakes. Talk about multi-purpose.

Saw a lot of joggers during the morning, until right before lunchtime. It was that cold. And our first encounters with the fat, friendly pigeons, who were curious and unafraid. No feeding the little feathered critters, though.




Day 3: Ueno Park
Hanami season is upon us. If you have gentle notions of fragile cherry blossom petals floating on the breeze and blanketing the disused, abandoned forest path, Ueno Park will completely disabuse you of that.

The cherry trees are still stunning, and hundreds, nay, thousands of people seem to think the same thing. Hanami involves celebration, in Asahi and Kirin-fueled style, and people arrive early to reserve their places by laying down blue plastic mats. Then everybody proceeds to get plastered over warm sake and takoyaki. The strangest thing I saw (and was too shy to take a picture of) was a grown man wearing a Stitch suit. Yep, as in Lilo and Stitch. Had the opportunity to get invited over by a group of rowdy Jap boys, but they were kind of drunk.

We spread a couple of A3 papers that had maps printed on them, and we had hanami, local-style. Club sandwiches and Kirin milk tea… which, BTW, is extremely addictive.

We met a lovely Pinoy couple who offered to take our pictures. We returned the favor. At last, some familiar faces and voices.





Day 3: Asakusa
Location of the quintessential old Tokyo landmark, the Kaminarimon.

Touristy spot. Big lanterns. Souvenir shops. Old Japan has never been so boisterous! And filled with Caucasians.




Day 3: Ginza
The bright, stylish district of Ginza. With its upscale shops and trendy citizens. The Spring fashion rage among here seems to be varied. For ladies of a much more sophisticated slant, a coat in a neutral color with impeccable detailing, and a dress underneath, sometimes in feminine floral print to counter the severity of the coat. Dark stockings with small details, like dots, flowers, stars, stripes. And heels. Boots, booties, or pumps. They had to have heels. Men of the same age in dapper business suits, of course. And clear umbrellas.

For the girls, denim jackets and shorts with stockings and boots, or a frilly, lacy, flowery, ruffled dress. Men in distressed jeans and leather jackets.

Ginza is synonymous with POSH!



Day 3: Shiodome
Last stop for hectic day three. Six out of six places 😛

I included this stop to see Nippon TV because well this is where the NEWS ZERO studio is. Unbeknownst to us, the offices close at around 8:30 PM. Tch.





I wrote this back in 2010. Crossposting here for documentation purposes 🙂 」
header pic credit to amazingcollectionblog, arigatou ❤

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