Tokyo, Japan 2010 Part 1

Arriving in Osaka

At KIX, the cold greets us. Long train ride to Osaka JR Station, where the overnight bus to Tokyo is supposed to park somewhere and pick us up at 12 midnight. After wandering for a few hours, we decide to have dinner and wander some more.


With charades, a smattering of Nihongo, and an understanding of broken English, we find our bus and settle in for the overnight trip to Tokyo.

Day 2: Arrived in Tokyo
Proceeded to be mystified by the ticket machines at the Tokyo Station. Finally forced to ask Information on how to get to Okachimachi Station, where our humble hotel is located.

Getting off the train was the easy part. We proceed to find our hotel using only the address. Apparently, house numbers in Japan follow some strange pattern. Asked four people; one of them was nice enough to call up the hotel for directions. Armed with their crudely drawn maps and vague remonstrances as to the hotel’s general direction, we wandered around for an hour. With heavy strollers in tow.

Found the hotel at last, and since check-in time was still around 3 PM, we left our bags at the reception and took a lowly hooker’s bath at the hotel washroom. With hygiene firmly pushed out of our minds, we set off for the first place in our itinerary: Ebisu Gardens.

In the evening, I discover that the Hostelworld reservation I printed out contained step-by-step directions to Okachimachi Hotel. How’s that for absent-mindedness?


Yebisu Garden Place
Being a huge fan of Hana Yori Dango, this is a must-see for me.


This is the Marionette Clock Square, the site where Domyouji Tsukasa waited for Makino Tsukushi in the rain on their first date. maria-travels-japan-4

Having my Makino moment. Domyoji, where art thou?maria-travels-japan-3maria-travels-japan-6maria-travels-japan-5maria-travels-japan-7maria-travels-japan-8

Day 2: Meguro, Tokyo
A trip to Meguro to see cherry blossoms along Meguro River. Sakurai Sho is everywhere, I tell ya!


Day 2: Akasaka Sacas
After going back to the hotel and checking in, our evening itinerary involved two TV stations in Akasaka and Roppongi Hills.

Akasaka Sacas is the area in Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan, where the TBS Broadcasting Center and the site of the “Akasaka 5-chome TBS Development Project” stand.


The studio where they shoot Arashi’s popular variety show Himitsu no Arashi-chan.

 Day 2: Roppongi Hills
Gourmet cuisine and breathtaking views abound within Roppongi Hills. This is also where TV Asahi Headquarters, one of Japan’s private, nationwide TV stations is situated.
maria-travels-japan-13maria-travels-japan-14maria-travels-japan-15maria-travels-japan-16maria-travels-japan-17maria-travels-japan-18maria-travels-japan-19 「 I wrote this back in 2010. Crossposting here for documentation purposes 🙂 」

header image credit to: kenji87, arigatou ❤


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